“It’s a love affair – between me and the brand and the love of cooking.” – Nancy Reyes-Lumen

On the 25th year anniversary celebration of MASFLEX they have proudly announced their latest brand endorser, MS NANCY REYES-LUMEN.   For the past 25 years, MASFLEX has been successful in being the primary mover in almost all categories it is a part of.  The brand is currently strongly positioned in the house ware, cookware, and kitchenware industry in the Philippines.  Not only does the brand cater to the needs of the market but it also brings forth new and innovative technological solutions in the cookware industry.

The MASFLEX brand was first introduced in the Philippines in 1989 as a cookware brand.  Back in the 1980s there were limited options for Filipinos for cookware, houseware, and kitchenware products.  Either they were forced to buy very expensive global brands which majority couldn’t afford; or the other option was to deal with the lower-quality locally-made recycled scrap material cookware that posed a health risk.

No wonder even the Adobo Queen herself is a proud user (a cook who loves her pots and pans) and with the complete array of kitchenware for all types, sizes, and budget for the kitchen.  According to her, Masflex adapted to the Filipino consumers, listened to the needs and brought it to the market. “They know our needs, they have a wide network therefore if you combine these two factors, they cover the whole spectrum of kitchens and the people who work in them,” as she added.

What was best was that due to extremes in the market, there was a need for a range of affordable products that still had a standard of quality that would meet the needs of the Filipino homemaker during those times.

The MASFLEX name was derived with the goal of finding market solutions to these problems.  This is why it’s called MASFLEX.  MAS was for the Mass Market segment that they were trying to reach out to and help, given the consumers were faced with difficulties in this product category.  FLEX was derived from the word Flexible which was what the brand was trying to achieve; flexibility in terms of providing innovative solutions that were both affordable and of good quality for the Philippine market.


The MASFLEX Non-Stick collection encompasses all kinds of cookware, from basic non-stick cookware up to higher end forged aluminum cookware with non-stick coatings from Daikin Japan such as Ceramic, Marble, & Stone.  Its latest addition is the Diamond Coating series that is made in Korea.  The MASFLEX high quality Stainless Steel collection has both the basic and the premium lines of cookware.

Other than cookware, Masflex also caters to a variety of kitchenware & houseware products attuned to the needs of the modern home makers.

MASFLEX aims to continuously develop affordable, easy-to-use, and high quality kitchen and dining products for their loyal consumer base and further attract new home-makers towards using

MASFLEX products in their homes and kitchens.  Due to this the brand is currently enjoying continuous growth.  A market leader that is headstrong in exploiting market gaps & white spaces and working on providing the necessary innovative market solutions for such.

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