Back in the 80s, we only had limited options for cookware, houseware and kitchenware products. These products would either be too pricey or inexpensive but built using substandard materials. Due to the cost and quality situated on the extremes, there was certainly a need for a range of affordable products that still provided a standard of quality that would meet the needs of the Filipino homemaker during those times. And so, Masflex was introduced.

Masflex was introduced in the Philippines in 1989 as a cookware brand and has been used by chefs, cooks and homemakers up until this day.

By continuously innovating and providing solutions for the Philippine market for the past 25 years, Masflex has provided quality products that maximize value for money and durability. The brand continues to supply and satisfy the needs of the growing market.

Masflex – A trusted brand for countless years

With a selection of products that range from affordable to high-end, this household brand easily fits into anyone’s culinary lifestyle. These cookware and kitchenware items are easy to use and a delight to maintain. Check out some of Maflex’s wonderful collection.

Masflex is also the 1st brand to use Thermochromatic Heat Sensor.

During Masflex’s 25th anniversary celebration, there was also a Creative Pancake Art contest which kept everyone entertained while waiting for their new brand ambassador be introduced.

A new brand ambassador!

Masflex proudly introduced their first brand ambassador, Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen. The self-proclaimed “Adobo Queen” is also a household name and a kitchen rockstar in her own right.

Coming from the prominent Reyes family of The Aristocrat Restaurant, Nancy is a true blue cook and foodie. Apart from being hands-on in the kitchen and always whipping up dishes, she is also busy in The Commissary Kitchen where she happens to be a part owner.

During the event, Nancy shared tips on how to take care of your cookware, kitchenware, as well as imparting valuable cooking techniques. She even shared some of her recipes like “Mommy Nena’s Kinulob“, “Lola Mareng’s Adobo sa Beer” and “Rodrigo’s Roast” which I was able to taste during F1’s Luzviminda 4: Heirloom Recipes launch.

When asked about the partnership with Masflex she says, “It’s a love affair – between me and the brand and the love of cooking.”

I have been a Masflex user for quite some time now. In fact, my own Masflex cookware have probably seen better days. That being said, seeing the new collection has given me good reason to save up for their newer items.

So, for the love of cooking, use Masflex!

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