Whether you do it for money, for family or just a hobby, there has to be passion in cooking for you to create those great dishes. And what better way to do it than to know the craft, mix good ingredients and of course have good tools.

Derived from two words: MAS (mass market segment) and FLEX (flexible), Masflex has been known for in the Philippines for the past 25 years in providing quality homeware, kitchenware and cookware.

Known mostly for the MASFLEX Non-Stick collection encompasses all kinds of cookware, from basic non-stick cookware up to higher end forged aluminum cookware with non-stick coatings from Daikin Japan such as Ceramic, Marble, & Stone.

Its latest addition is the Diamond Coating series that is made in Korea. The Masflex high quality Stainless Steel collection has both the basic and the premium lines of cookware. Other than cookware, Masflex also caters to a variety of kitchenware & houseware products attuned to the needs of the modern home makers.

Alongside with the showcase of their products, Maxflex celebrated their silver anniversary by introducing their new brand ambassador, adobo queen herself, Nancy Reyes-Lumen.

In the search for an endorser for Masflex, they wanted someone who has had many years of experience in the culinary industry, has genuine passion in food and cooking, and one who can easily relate with the wide demographic base of consumers. They found this all squarely in the Adobo Queen who has also been an endorser for other food and appliance related brands.

Not only is Ms. Nancy a home-maker, she is also a grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, multi-media personality, singer, band member, home cook, restaurateur, commissary operator, food writer, editor, food stylist, food show host, lecturer, Filipino food advocate, healthy food advocate, food researcher and a true blue cook.

During the event, Ms. Nancy showcased some of her dishes to the crowd.

Masflex aims to continuously develop affordable, easy-to-use, and high quality kitchen and dining products for their loyal consumer base and further attract new home-makers.

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