Back then, you had two choices. Purchase expensive global brands which majority couldn’t afford, or go for the lower-quality, locally-made kitchenware recycled from scrap materials. Choices then were limited, until Masflex changed the game…

Since 1989, Masflex has firmly established itself in the houseware, cookware, and kitchenware segments built on continuous innovation and the single-minded love for cooking. The very name Masflex provides a clue behind its mission, finding real and relevant market solutions. Masflex combines the words “mass market” and “flexibility,” and for 25 years, Masflex continues to serve the mass market with affordable and quality products driven by product innovation.

The Masflex Non-Stick Collection encompasses all kinds of cookware, from basic non-stick cookware up to higher end forged aluminum cookware with non-stick coatings from Daikin Japan such as Ceramic, Marble, and Stone (for more on the Masflex range of products, see my previous post, Be a Kitchen Pro with Masflex).

Masflex continues to innovate with its line of Non-Stick Crepe Pans (L) and high-end forged aluminum series like the Marble line of cookware (R), offering consumers quality and superior value for money to enhance their home kitchen experience.

Other than cookware, Masflex also caters to  variety of kitchenware and houseware products attuned to the needs of modern homemakers. And just like their wide and expansive range of cookware, their line of kitchenware completes the kitchen experience.

As part of their historic 25th Year Anniversary, Masflex introduced their latest Brand Ambassador, Ms. Nancy Reyes Lumen, popularly known as the “Adobo Queen,” as their first ambassadress for the brand. Food writer, researcher, lecturer, Filipino food advocate, TV host, home cook and true blue foodie, Nancy Reyes Lumen described her partnership with Masflex as a “love affair between me and the brand and the love of cooking.”  Nancy Reyes Lumen, who comes from the Reyes clan, one of the country’s celebrated names in Filipino cuisine, is a loyal user of Masflex cookware and kitchenware products, and she knows the product well. “I only agree to endorse brands I do believe in or those that support my advocacies. My relationship with Masflex is sincere–we mutually respect each other. I love pots and pans that make my kitchen happy and I am one person who gives kitchen wares as gifts,” said Nancy Reyes Lumen. For Nancy Reyes Lumen, the brand understands the market’s needs, offering relevant solutions. “The complete array of kitchenware for all types, sizes, and budget for the kitchen, Masflex adapted to the Filipino consumer, listened to the needs and brought it to the market. They know our needs, they have a wide network and if you combine these two factors, they cover the whole spectrum of kitchens and the people who work in them,” adds Nancy Reyes Lumen.

Masflex’s Hiren Mirchandani and Nancy Reyes Lumen is joined by Masflex Brand Ambassador Gene Gonzalez in presenting the latest product innovations with their line of new digital scales. Then, it was time for the “Adobo Queen” to spin her own magic using Masflex for her homespun and rustic family recipes…

…including the comforting Lola Mereng’s Adobo sa Beer (L), a slow-cooked chicken and pork dish; and Nancy Reyes Lumen’s signature dish, the Rodrigo’s Roast, a tender slab of pork belly roasted for hours, each one cooked using Masflex’s wide range of products.

To further illustrate the Brand’s versatility, Nancy Reyes Lumen also shared her rustic Mommy Nena’s Kinulob (L), a whole chicken dish drawn from cherished family recipes; and an innovative dessert, theBibingka Ube Crepe Cake (R), a delicately layered treat with local flavors.

And the inspiring story of Masflex continues to unfold, as it celebrates a historic milestone with its 25th anniversary. Culinary trends may change, but there’s one thing you can be sure of, Masflex’s wide range of cookware and kitchenware will be there providing affordable and flexible solutions to any home or commercial kitchen. And it’s all for the love of cooking…

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