Culinary Social Responsibility

Culinary Equipment Donation in Partnership with Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation

Tagbilaran City, Bohol | Roxas, Capiz | Sta. Maria, Romblon | Siayan, Zamboanga del Norte

For the second part of our Culinary Social Responsibility (CSR) projects of Masflex (For the Love of Cooking) & KitchenPro (The Culinary Standard) brands, we flew to Panglao, Bohol to donate kitchenware items and conduct a cooking demo to Lourdes National High School last August 30, 2018.

In continuous partnership with the Angat Buhay” Program of the Office of the Vice President (OVP), we were able to conduct the Visayas leg of this Culinary Scholarships, Culinary Education, & Livelihood Programs. This program by the OVP is the best avenue for us to contribute to society as the Vice President’s program is focused on helping the farthest & poorest Filipino communities. One of their core areas is to improve educational standards in Public High Schools and had a specific need for donations for culinary equipment.

Our President, Mr. Haresh Mirchandani, personally visited this school to turn-over the donated cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, & kitchenware. Our brand ambassador & endorser, Chef Gene Gonzalez, didn’t miss his chance to do a 1 hour Knife Skills Workshop & Inspirational Talk for the 100 culinary students, teachers & Hotel and Resort owners.  Vice President Leni Robredo and her team led the said event.

In addition to this, we awarded scholarships to the Top 2 students of Lourdes High School.  The culinary scholarships will be availed at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS) Manila, which is owned by Chef Gene Gonzalez.  Included in the scholarship are free accommodation, transportation, & chef kits.

The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation is an organization strengthened by the collective efforts of individual volunteers, non-government organizations, and generous partners and sponsors.

In the Philippines, children face difficult challenges just to be able to go to school. Some children even have to swim to school with their school bags and uniforms getting wet in the process. And some of them don’t even have the option to swim as they live on remote areas or far-flung islands with no nearby school, or they are forced to work to help their families survive.

To make education more accessible to children, Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation provide boats and build bridges so they can cross rivers. They build dormitories to give them safe shelters during school days and they build classrooms and entire schools to facilitate learning for more children.

To help parents and communities, they provide yellow boats that they can use for their livelihood, and they conduct eco-tourism programs so they can generate income for the sustenance of their children’s education.

The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation is responsive to the needs of the communities. A program that works for one might not work on other communities. They progressively develop programs that are well-suited on every community that they want to help.

Masflex & Kitchenpro are actively engaged in Culinary Social Responsibility (CSR) projects that focus on Culinary Scholarships, Culinary Education, & Livelihood Programs. The funding for these projects is derived from a portion of the proceeds of the sales of KitchenPro & Masflex products.

Having the same goal of helping the less fortunate students in selected remote areas we have been partnered with Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation and “Angat Buhay” program of The Office of the Vice President (OVP) all throughout the years by donating culinary equipment to further improve the educational standards in selected Public High Schools.

Below are some of the High School recipients of culinary equipment that we donated in partnership with Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation:

We thank all our customers for their continued patronage of our products. You are all a part of this endeavor for our nation as the portion of the proceeds of all sales of Masflex and KitchenPro products go towards corporate social responsibility projects. This is one of those projects.

Click these videos to see the highlights of the donations:

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