Masflex Galaxy Cookware Set


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Refurbish your kitchen tools and embrace a whole new level of cooking experience with a cookware set that has it all!


✓ 1 piece 24cm Casserole with 24cm Lid

✓ 1 piece16cm Sauce Pan with 16cm Lid

✓ 1 piece 24cm Frying Pan

✓ FREE 24cm Grill Pan


✓ 3-Layer Marble Coating

  • This innovative product owes its high performance from its marble coating and three different layers that were beautifully crafted to create the ultimate cookware:
  • Strong Bond: This first layer fuses the parts and creates a strong bond.
  • Durability Anti-Abrasion: This second layer provides durability and anti-abrasion properties for long-lasting strength and superior sturdiness.
  • Non-Stick Versatility: Its third layer delivers the finest in carefree, non-stick cooking versatility.

Benefits of Marble Coating:

  • It makes cooking more natural and healthier.
  • It is non-stick and durable.
  • It is easier to clean.
  • It adds an elegant look to the pan.

✓ Induction Compatible

  • Apart from the fact that it can be used in any type of cooktop such as on gas and electric stove, the Masflex Galaxy Cookware Set is also induction compatible – making it safer to use, more energy-saving and easier to clean.

✓ Forged Aluminum

  • Strengthened through this technology, this aluminum cookware is heavy gauged for fast and even heating.

✓ High Heat Retention

  • Made with the best bonding layers, this temperature-resistant cookware will help you save time and energy when cooking.

✓ Lightweight and Durable

  • Apart from being durable, this cookware is also lightweight and easy to carry around.

✓ Riveted Handle

  • Handles have also been riveted to ensure strong contact to the main pan.

✓ Bakelite Handles and Knobs

  • Ergonomically designed, handles and knobs that give a soft touch texture stay cool even during cooking, ensuring a safe and comfortable grip all the time.

✓ Tempered Glass Lid

  • Equipped with a large steam vent on top, this tempered glass lid is very useful in preventing spillage, promoting a tidier and more pleasurable cooking experience.

✓ All-in-One Set

  • This cookware set, along with its complete set of pans and casseroles, is what you need to address all your cooking needs.


Color: Black

Inner Coating: Bronze with white and black dots interior finish

Outer Coating: Non-stick, plum with glittery finish

Body: Black ribbed with silver brim

Material: Heavy Gauged Forged Aluminum

Warranty: 12 months warranty

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