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Forged Cook Safe Non-stick Induction Frypan


SKU: CO-20FY, CO-24FY, CO-26FY, CO-28FY Category:

Features and Benefits:

  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum
  • Forged base for extreme strength and warp prevention
  • 2 Layer ILAG Antibacterial Non-stick Coating
  • Heat resistant bakelite with Aluminum Flame Guard handle
  • Heats up quickly and evenly
  • Works on all stovetops: Induction, Gas, Electric, Ceramic, etc.
  • Ideal for healthy cooking
  • Easy-to-clean

SKU, Size, and Dimensions:

  • CO-20FY?- 20 cm | 37L x 20.5W x 0.40H cm
  • CO-24FY?- 24 cm | 43L x 24.5W x 0.50H cm
  • CO-26FY?- 26 cm | 45L x 26.5W x 0.50H cm
  • CO-28FY?- 28 cm | 47L x 28.5W x 0.50H cm






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