Delight Rectangular Borosilicate Glass Food Container Set with Lid

SKU: FE- FR1520,FE-FR640, FE- FR370 Category:

Features and Benefits:

  • 100% Hygienic and 100% Food Safe
  • Can handle high oven temperatures of up to 600 degree celcius / 1112 degree F.
  • Freezer, Microwave and Oven Safe.
  • Non-porous, so it won’t absorb odors, flavors, and stains
  • From oven-to-table
  • FDA and LGFB compliant
  • Specially designed easy Lock-in and Lock-out lid with silicone
    ring that makes the glass container Airtight and Liquid Tight

SKU, Size, & Dimensions:

  • FE-FR1520 – 1520ml / 51.4oz
  • FE-FR640 – 640ml / 21.6oz
  • FE-FR370 –  370ml / 12.5oz

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